-We support your "beauty" and "health"-
Beautiful cedar is a company through the sale of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, communication with your mind and heart to serve, to improve the promotion of the health and beauty of life.
Inheriting the thoughts of the founder and his wife says "always in the minds miles' Showa 38 years since 50 years, cuddled in your prayerful"healthy, beautiful things' smile and service delivered.

Watashi plus makeup day

ShiseidoSpring makeup day

Watashi plus point 10% reduction campaign
[Duration: 16 / 3-31] [10% reduction,

Your patience has beenShiseido"Spring cosmetics day" began
Watashi plus point "10% reduction.
Don't miss this chance
Spring cosmetics day is?
3/16-Purchased during the period of 31, Shiseido Cosmetics in amounts(Excl. tax)For a 10% reduction

Example) current ratio was 3% in the 45000 Yen(Excl. tax)Of purchased goods
3% reduction1,350Earn points
10% reduction4,500Earn points3,150PointDeals   

Take a look at during the campaign visit to shop.
I look forward very much.