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2018In July, 2 pm : Milan collection
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Delicate powder, NAU, exceptional finish
Kanebo-up face powder
< 2019 Milan collection >
24g 12000 yen(Excl. tax)
 8,400Circle(Excl. tax) 30%
Set 24 g x 2 20000 Yen(Excl. tax)
14,000Circle(Excl. tax) 30%OFF

Tony Milano collection 2019
30g 12000 yen(Excl. tax)
Set 30 g x 2 20000 Yen(Excl. tax) 
Beauty sugi point item

2018年6月30日 : Desire
Want to be reborn in the beautiful hair hair care
Contains 6 types of amino acid beauty ingredients
4/21The desire has been released amino acid shampoo & conditioner
Shine & volume & luxury hair care series achieved unity.
Great relaxing effect is a luxury fragrance perfume
Our customers are our regulars in the popular

First of all, try with free samples
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* Vivace beautiful cedar, drugstore beauty cedar, large pill stores, cannot be used.

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2018年6月28日 : Benefiting repeazienias
Shiseido taiseido benefiting
Isoflavone facial lotion maskRelease
All-in-one enough well posh moisture
Now, reservations are now being accepted

Benefiting repeazienias
1.3mL×12 packaging
6,500Yen (tax excluded)

Book Award
Benefiting special sample

2018On June 25. : SK-II experience event
SK-II. period of time limited events
6.27()-29(Gold)The three-day
Diamor underground circular square

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2018On June 12. : Kanebo products

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