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2018September, 17th. : ワタシプラス 秋の化粧品デー
資生堂 秋の化粧品デー
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ワタシプラス スペシャルサイトは
2018年8月9日 : Cypress skin cosmetic products did you know?
The Cypress skin cosmeticsHinokitiolQuasi drugs containing medicinal products.
So you become beautiful and power inherent in the skin to bring to
Cosmetics (esheuhinn), not skin cosmetics (isheuhinn)As a term of Endearment.
Standards that do not use component as the cause of Allergy and inflammation because of safety and security is something you use every day, from the original,Research at the Shizuoka plant, production, shipments and integrated in with the 63-year-old Japan-made products are.

Of hinokitiolThe effect of the seven

(1) strongGermicidal and antibacterialInteraction
Superior (2)The extinctionInteraction
(3) highSkin penetrationInteraction
(4) metabolism, active and successful in-houseCell activationInteraction

As well as from the medicinal properties of these skin care ingredients, are used in pharmaceutical products.

(5)Students promoting the collagen productionEffects (skin's firmness and elasticity)
(6)Melanin inhibitionEffects (skin lightening)
(7)Sirtuin (longevity) gene activityInteraction
In recent years, have been revealed in the new.
Still continued to study the force also adopted hinokitiol
High expectations are directed.

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2018年8月9日 : Kanebo limited edition is in stock now!
Kanebo, now available in limited edition from Disney and litharge

Disney seasonal essence 18 AW
Tony Lara backe anniversary collection 01.02
Ricerdiborte skinmeintenaisser I..II.
(4)Litharge skinmeintenaisser S

Complete set, and this time is and recommend products

*Because it is a limited edition number is limited.
2018年7月16日 : 8/10Release Mono eye shadow
8/10(Gold)A Kanebo's will be released Mono eye shadow color 4 color
With Pearl with 5R color woven natural complexion,
Beautiful skin color until kumise to be drawn into an impressive pair of eyes
An existing 5-color is very popular through word of mouth
Please try in the shop

*Dealer, tennoji, Namba city and cosmetics Garden store and temmabashi bridge 4 stores.

Very popular are existing 5-color

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2018In July, 2 pm : Kanebo events

Kanebo experience event
7.3(Fire) 12:00-19:00
Diamor Osaka round square

Support staff
Get to know good skin condition.

You have experience in your skin

Day day stacked, beautiful life.
Skin care time beauty * idea.
* Beauty by looking to the rhythm of the beauty of a woman, bring out the beauty of their own in a timely manner to

Graceful, powerful, bloom.
Meet inspiring make-up.

Please feel free to

*, "KANEBO's cosmetics Garden store, tenma branch, Namba City, tennouji Shop 4 stores, handles.

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