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2021In January 25,. : SK-II New Products
【新商品】2New release on May 21

SK-II のベストセラー美白美容液『ジェノプティクス オーラ エッセンス』に浸透力と保湿力が増した新商品発売決定。
明るく輝く肌を導く、進化した『ジェノプティクス ウルトオーラ エッセンス』は2/21販売開始です。お見逃しなく
Coffre is also available in limited quantities

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2020年10月17日 : SK-II Cofre
The popular KofreLimited Design Bottles10Available only on May 21st
A reward for yourself for your hard work
Gifts for your important peopleTo the.
This year, SK-II will deliver an unprecedented limited design that is as bold and edgy as street art.
Yellow / Red/White All 3

Limited quantitiesSo, forgive me when sold out.

A more special gift experience at "FROSHIKI" where street art is fused
This limited-edition design bottle is set with a fusion of traditional Japanese furoshiki and street art. Wrap a bottle of SK-II for a special gift and a reward for yourself. FROSHIKI is a sustainable item that can be used in a variety of ways in one piece, such as wrapping a bottle to make a special wrapping, becoming a bag, or as an accent of the interior, just by devising how to tie it. Enjoy the holiday season even more at NUROSHIKI.
It will end as soon as it is lost.

[Set contents]
Facial Treatment Essence / 230mL(Actual articles)
Facial Treatment Gentle Renderer (Face wash) / 20g
Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (Wipe-off lotion) / 30mL
Skin power airy (Beauty latex) / 15g


11Available only on May 21st

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2020年10月11日 : Cover Marks
Cover MarksSpecial Campaigns
10March 16()- December 15(Fire)

Comfortable mask makeup in autumn

A maximum of three sets per person is limited. It is not possible to specify the present goods.
Gifts are subject to change.
Vivace beautiful cedar, large pill stores, please?

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2020年9月17日 : Ethanol solution for hand disinfection
ShiseidoUnique to"Prescription in consideration of rough hands"Hand Disinfection Alcohol[Designated quasi-drugs] in stock
Currently available only in Tokyo and Osaka
There is a limit to the number. Please forgive me when it is out of stock.

S Ethanol solution for hand disinfection
500mL900Yen(excluding tax)
S Ethanol solution for hand disinfection(For the change of time)
500mL800Yen(excluding tax)

Contains ethanol, an active ingredient that can be expected to have an effect not only on bacteria but also on
Active ingredient: Ethanol 76.9 81.4vol%

Additives: glycerin, glycerin triisooctanate
Efficacy/Effect: Washing and disinfection of fingers and skin
Contains moisturizing ingredients that are gentle on the hands
Quick-drying hand disinfectant
Smooth liquid type

Not all bacteria and viruses are effective.
2020年8月29日 : 営業時間のお知らせ
From September 1st (Tue) of each store営業時間のお知らせ
*Due to social conditions, it may change.

Misugi Cosmetics Garden(Umeda) 
Misugi SKII.(Umeda)
Beauty Cedar Cosmetic Garden S(Umeda)

Beautiful cedar optician shop(Umeda) Shop holiday: 9/17(Tree)
Be Birth Beautiful Cedar(Umeda) Shop holiday: 9/17(Tree)
Beautiful cedar tenmabashi branch
Misugi Tennoji Temple
 【Business Hours】As usual 10:00~ 21:00

Misgi Namba CITY
Misugi Be MAISON Store

 [Operating hours] 11:00~ 21:00

Drugstore beauty Japanese cedar
Daimaru Department store
 【Business Hours】9 as usual:30-20:30

To prevent congestion in the store, the beauty cedar pointPause point-upしております。
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate any inconvenience.

[Service that we are refraining from]
Activities that directly touch the skin of customers
Skin check

【Efforts to prevent infection】
・Thorough health check, hand washing and disinfection at the time of all employees' attendance
Wearing masks for all employees
Daily cleaning and disinfection of places that touch regular hands
Installation of splash prevention sheets and acrylic plates
Delivery of money on the tray
Your guide to beautiful sugi point cards