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2020年6月29日 : Notice of hours
From Wednesday, July 1, each storeNotice of hours
*Due to social conditions, it may change.

Misugi cosmetics garden(Umeda) 
Misugi SKII.(Umeda)
Beauty Cedar Cosmetic Garden S(Umeda)

Misugi optician shop(Umeda)
BE BIRTH misugi(Umeda)
Misugi tenmabashi branch
Misugi Tennoji Temple
 【Business Hours】As usual 10:00-21:00

Misugi Namba CITY
Misugi Be MAISON Store

 [Operating hours] 11:00-21:00

Drugstore Misugi
Daimaru Drugstore
 【Business Hours】9 as usual:30~ 20:30

To prevent congestion in the store, the beauty cedar pointPause point-upしております。


2020June 1 : Cypress Skin Cosmetics

- Making your room more optimal -
Indoor disinfectant spray

Hybrid Mist 300mL 2,500 yen(Excl. tax)

SterilizationI want to.Rough handsI'm worried about that.
To you like thatRecommended!!

Hybrid Veil 400mL 2,800 yen(Excl. tax)

2020年3月14日 : Gift Wrapping
Free wrapping is available
Thank you for your help and to the important person
When you're lost in a present,Beauty GoodsRecommended
We will advise you on the budget that meets your request. Products for menIn addition, it is. Please feel free to contact us.

2020年3月6日 : Sun Shelter
Cosme de Corte Sun Shelter

3.16New release
Thoroughprotection from ultraviolet rays that damage your skin while aging care
Sunscreen emulsion that thoroughly protects against uv rays and environmental stress

※Products targeted at Beauty Cedar Point

2020年3月6日 : Phytotune
Cosmetic de Corte Whitening Emulsion

3.16Limited release
My skin is amazing. From plump soft, latex.

Phytotune Plump Skin Whitening Experience Kit
3,000Circle(Excl. tax)
Beauty sugi point item
※Because there is a limit in the number, please forgive it when it is out of stock.
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