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2021March 13 : OmisePlus
Feel free to shop more casually, more fun, and at your usual shop.

Shiseido dealers all over Japan are finally online

2021年2月17日 : Cosme de Corte Special Kit
Cosme DecorteSpecial Kit
2March 16(Fire)Limited release

A special kit that is very good deals is on sale
WhiteOlogist Special Kit

iP.Shot Special Kit

In addition, cosme de corte products are 11,000 yen(Tax)To customers who have purchased the aboveMoisture Liposome 6mLSample gifts
※ The number of each is limited. It will end as soon as it runs out.

2021January 25, 2008 : SK-II New Products
SK-II's popular whitening serum evolves further
【New Products】2New release on May 21

Sk-II's best-selling whitening serum "Genoptics Aura Essence" has been released as a new product with increased penetration and moisturizing power.
The evolved Genoptics Ultoora Essence, which leads to bright and radiant skin, is now on sale on February 21. Don't miss it.
It's going to be bright anyway.And very popular from the staff
You can try it at the store.
Coffre is also available in limited quantities

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2020In October 17,. : SK-II Cofre
The popular KofreLimited Design Bottles10Available only on May 21st
A reward for yourself for your hard work
Gifts for your important peopleTo the.
This year, SK-II will deliver an unprecedented limited design that is as bold and edgy as street art.
Yellow / Red/White All 3

Limited quantitiesSo, forgive me when sold out.

A more special gift experience at "FROSHIKI" where street art is fused
This limited-edition design bottle is set with a fusion of traditional Japanese furoshiki and street art. Wrap a bottle of SK-II for a special gift and a reward for yourself. FROSHIKI is a sustainable item that can be used in a variety of ways in one piece, such as wrapping a bottle to make a special wrapping, becoming a bag, or as an accent of the interior, just by devising how to tie it. Enjoy the holiday season even more at NUROSHIKI.
It will end as soon as it is lost.

Set includes:
Facial Treatment Essence / 230mL(Actual articles)
Facial Treatment Gentle Renderer (Face wash) / 20G
Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (Wipe-off lotion) / 30mL
Skin power airy (Beauty latex) / 15G

11Limited release on January 1
A popular beauty serum that leads to radiant aura skin

11Available only on May 21st
Power charge clean

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2020年10月11日 : カバーマーク
カバーマークSpecial Campaigns
10March 16(Gold)- December 15(Fire)

Comfortable mask makeup in autumn

A maximum of three sets per person is limited. It is not possible to specify the present goods.
Gifts are subject to change.
Vivace beautiful cedar, large pill stores, please?

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