Cypress skin cosmetic products did you know?

The Cypress skin cosmeticsHinokitiolQuasi drugs containing medicinal products.
So you become beautiful and power inherent in the skin to bring to
Cosmetics (esheuhinn), not skin cosmetics (isheuhinn)As a term of Endearment.
Standards that do not use component as the cause of Allergy and inflammation because of safety and security is something you use every day, from the original,Research at the Shizuoka plant, production, shipments and integrated in with the 63-year-old Japan-made products are.

Of hinokitiolThe effect of the seven

(1) strongGermicidal and antibacterialInteraction
Superior (2)The extinctionInteraction
(3) highSkin penetrationInteraction
(4) metabolism, active and successful in-houseCell activationInteraction

As well as from the medicinal properties of these skin care ingredients, are used in pharmaceutical products.

(5)Students promoting the collagen productionEffects (skin's firmness and elasticity)
(6)Melanin inhibitionEffects (skin lightening)
(7)Sirtuin (longevity) gene activityInteraction
In recent years, have been revealed in the new.
Still continued to study the force also adopted hinokitiol
High expectations are directed.

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