2018March, 16th.


Shiseido taiseido spring makeup day Watashi plus point 10% reduction campaign [duration: 3 / 16-31] [10% reduction, and waiting has beenShiseido-Cosmetics day spring finally started Watashi plus point "10% reduction. Don't miss this chance Spring cosmetics day is? 3/16-you purchased during the period of 31, Shiseido Cosmetics in amounts(Excl. tax)For a 10% reduction Example) current ratio was 3% in the 45000 Yen(Excl. tax)For if you purchase 3% reduction1,350Points earning ratio 10%4,500Points: 3150 points obtainedTake a look at during the campaign visit to shop. I look forward very much. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

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