Cosmetics specialty store Sugi Group, which has 11 stores in Osaka Prefecture

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2021On February 3rd. : Notice of business hours
Notice of business hours

【Opening hours】10:00~20:00
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but thank you for your understanding.
※ It is subject to change depending on the social situation.

[Services that we are self-excluded]
Activities that directly touch the customer's skin
Skin check

【Initiatives to Prevent Infection】
Thorough health check, hand washing and disinfection at the time of work of all employees
Wear masks for all employees
Daily cleaning, disinfection of places where you can touch your hands regularly
Installation of splash prevention sheets and acrylic plates
Delivery of money on the tray
2021年1月29日 : 2月☆ポイントアップデーのお知らせ
Bisgi Point Card
2月ポイントアップ15Double-DayGuide to the

2021January 11, 2008 : お電話でお買い物
Purchase amount11,000Yen(Tax)From the aboveWe accept cash on delivery..
Please call the store.
Cash on delivery fee, both shippingFree
You can specify the desired day and time zone.
※ In some products, there is a delay in arrival and delivery. We may not be able to deliver it on the desired date. Thank you for your understanding.
What is the payment?Cash only availableYou can not use credits, etc. in . Please pay the delivery person upon arrival.
※ Beautiful cedar points and other points will not be added as excluded.
2021年1月1日 : 1月☆ポイントアップデーのお知らせ
Bisgi Point Card
1月ポイントアップ15Double-DayGuide to the

2020年11月30日 : 12月☆ポイントアップデーのお知らせ
Bisgi Point Card
12月ポイントアップ15Double-DayGuide to the