-We support your "beauty" and "health"-
Beautiful cedar is a company through the sale of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, communication with your mind and heart to serve, to improve the promotion of the health and beauty of life.
Inheriting the thoughts of the founder and his wife says "always in the minds miles' Showa 38 years since 50 years, cuddled in your prayerful"healthy, beautiful things' smile and service delivered.


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2018年7月16日 : 8/7(火)発売モノアイシャドウ
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2018年7月2日 : Kanebo events

Kanebo experience event
7.3(Fire) 12:00~19:00
Diamor Osaka round square

Support staff
Get to know good skin condition.

You have experience in your skin

Day day stacked, beautiful life.
Skin care time beauty * idea.
* Beauty by looking to the rhythm of the beauty of a woman, bring out the beauty of their own in a timely manner to

Graceful, powerful, bloom.
Meet inspiring make-up.


*, "KANEBO's cosmetics Garden store, tenma branch, Namba City, tennouji Shop 4 stores, handles.

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2018年7月2日 : Milan collection
< 2019 Milan collection >
Currently taking reservations

Delicate powder, NAU, exceptional finish
Kanebo-up face powder
< 2019 Milan collection >
24g 12000 yen(Excl. tax)
 8,400Circle(Excl. tax) 30%OFF
Set 24 g x 2 20000 Yen(Excl. tax)
14,000Circle(Excl. tax) 30%OFF

Tony Milano collection 2019
30g 12000 yen(Excl. tax)
Set 30 g x 2 20000 Yen(Excl. tax) 
Beauty sugi point item

2018年6月30日 : Desire
Want to be reborn in the beautiful hair hair care
Contains 6 types of amino acid beauty ingredients
4/21The desire has been released amino acid shampoo & conditioner
Shine & volume & luxury hair care series achieved unity.
Great relaxing effect is a luxury fragrance perfume
Our customers are our regulars in the popular

First of all, try with free samples
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* Vivace beautiful cedar, drugstore beauty cedar, large pill stores, cannot be used.

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2018On June 28. : Benefiting repeazienias
Shiseido taiseido benefiting
Isoflavone facial lotion maskRelease
All-in-one enough well posh moisture
Now, reservations are now being accepted

Benefiting repeazienias
1.3mL×12 packaging
6,500Yen (tax excluded)

Book Award
Benefiting special sample

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