-We support your "beauty" and "health"-
Beautiful cedar is a company through the sale of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, communication with your mind and heart to serve, to improve the promotion of the health and beauty of life.
Inheriting the thoughts of the founder and his wife says "always in the minds miles' Showa 38 years since 50 years, cuddled in your prayerful"healthy, beautiful things' smile and service delivered.


Latest announcements

2017年11月13日 : Bimson
11May 15, (Wednesday).
Launched in Nanba CITY B1
Introduction of new brand "SHISEIDO"
Namba area's first luxury cosmetics shop

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2017September 21. : SK-II.
Skin beauty new flower steps
Live and beautiful skin
From enhancement of the daily skin care

In addition to caring for the usual human effort, leaving your skin even more
Daily skin care is a shortcut to the skin. The smooth flow of lymph nodes

Skin beauty new flower stepsDo not start
SK-II... more skin care starts new caring you feel for
We work with each and every step, improved quality of care.
To the beam and translucent skin beauty new flower steps every day, new skin beauty bloom one after another by repeatedly, and when

2017In August, 9 pm : Benefiting
Of the year chosen by cosmetic shop beauty professionalsShiseido taiseido No.1 hair & beautyBenefiting seat powder eye blowOf how to introduce
Easy fluffy eyebrows natural finish
¥ 3500(Excl. tax)

2017年5月26日 : HP Open

Umeda, Namba, tenmabashi, tennouji Terminal 6 cosmetic specialty stores expand 2 store cosmetics and Medicine Shoppe in senri new town and the Foundation.
Health and beauty professionals residing in all the stores and supports your overall health and vigor. Skin conditions using the latest equipment, skin checks, Este(完全予約制)And we want your makeup lesson, such as through the skin to help. Healthy beauty's health care from the outside and inside and inner stability and I hope we. Take a look at the close of the visit us in store.
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