Cosmetics specialty shop beauty sugi to deploy eight stores in Osaka Prefecture

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2018On June 11. : LISSAGE dense foam experience
From the first step of the skin wash
Dense foam experience does not?

Detailed soft foam make easy to wash nets.

It is a washing NET organdy with two lap.
Whipped cream, such as fine soft bubbles can make easily.
Soft rich lather is wrapping up, gentle skin.

Here is a recommended cleansing litharge

2018June, 8 pm : Ricerdichrensing
The key to beautiful skinW washから
Introduction of litharge recommended cleansing
Please try in the shop

2018年6月7日 : 6月☆15倍Dayのお知らせ
美スギ ポイントカード
お得な15X / 20 x Dayのご案内

2018On June 4th. : コフレドール10周年メイク

2018年5月3日 : 5月☆15倍Dayのお知らせ
美スギ ポイントカード