Cosmetics specialty shop beauty sugi to deploy eight stores in Osaka Prefecture

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2018One day in January. : First sale

2017December 27. : 年末年始営業時間

2017In August, 10 pm : Benefiting
化粧品専門店の美容のプロが選んだ今年の資生堂No.1コスメBenefiting seat powder eye blow
¥3,500(Excl. tax)

2017On July 25. : トワニー
Tony Milano collection 2018
30g ¥ 12,000(Excl. tax)
Every year the popular Tony Milano collection.
The December release, so will still be a little ahead of us.
Is a high-performance interface up powder finish to the skin with a smooth, transparent. 2018 theme is grace. Case is shimmering blue waters, reminiscent of the jewelry box. More beauty to the skin using Foundation complements your skin color in bright and soft.

2016In October 18,. : 15min Este
Benefiting moreC beautyAndKneading effectCombined15min EsteThe birth

Skin after the treatment, is that beautiful rose cut off

1021 is the start from (Friday)
Your reservation awaits(*^_^*)

* ° C (Christianity) beauty: beauty method based on skin temperature and moisture balance
Kneading kneading * (UK): "to knead massage relax", one of the techniques of massage techniques