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2018One day in January. : First sale

2017December 27. : 年末年始営業時間

2017年8月21日 : Nail contests
Nail contest
Acclaimed snarled.Neil holik contestImplement vol. 3
Please join us

Submission guidelines-terms and conditions
About selection
Instagram from hashtags.
See # nail holik _ beautiful cedar "piece as posted will be subject to screening. You may contact who was posted as a result of selection process to no be published on the official account of the beautiful cedar Namba CITY.

Announcement of winners
-Using Instagram direct function after the application deadline, the strict examination results, and will contact you.
And answer inquiries about the selection criteria and selection process will not be accepted.
And the winners please contact (Instagram direct messages) will delivery around the middle of October.
-Please select notification settings for your Terminal Instagram or Twitter (push notifications).

Images submitted
Images submitted will be used in NAIL HOLIC promotions.

Submission Agreement
Would join the contest you agree to the terms and conditions.

2017年8月18日 : Maquillage
Dramatic liquid UV 7Color 3200 Yen(Excl. tax)
8On sale may 21
Dramatic liquid UV is a liquid Foundation beauty liquid souffle to uniformly cover pores and uneven. Moist inner surface lightly. It is melted evenly beauty liquid souffle liquid is evenly spread, filled with moist granular finish

2017In August 16th. : Vita drab
Cosme Decorte
Vita drab150 ml 4500 Yen(Excl. tax)
Totonoemasu the skin supple and smooth skin texture, drab, unlikely to result in drying and skin problems, such as that, filled with transparent
Penetrate the supple, light transparency and have followed the smooth skin